FLOSS Manuals collaborates with many organisations in the delivery of FM services. We rely on the support of our partners to help us with the running of the Foundation, and we provide support to other groups through our community websites. Here are some of our key partners.

Aspiration is a US based non-profit which has helped FLOSS Manuals in more ways than we can mention. Most recently and concretely they have done a review of our publishing platform and are providing facilitation services for the GSoC Documentation Summit which is co-organized by FLOSS Manuals.

Greenhost is the Dutch ISP that provides most of the hosting services for FLOSS Manuals.

NLnet foundation The foundation "Stichting NLnet" stimulates network research and development in the domain of Internet technology. The articles of association for the NLnet foundation state: "to promote the exchange of electronic information and all that is related or beneficial to that purpose". .

Seravo has helped develop many of the tools that FLOSS Manuals uses; they provide continued support in maintenance and systems administration, and they also have helped the Finnish and French FLOSS Manuals communities establish their technical framework.

Sourcefabric continue to support FLOSS Manuals by lending development support to the project and promoting us whenever they can.

Digitale Pioneers provided strong moral support and initial technical development funds.

International Organization of La Francophonie (IOF) have commissioned many manuals in French.

Video 4 Change: recent work has been to create manuals on video production for social change and on Android devices to be translated in to Arabic.

Tactical Tech: FM helped with the Tactical Tech Toolkits on citizen journalism and related tools, Message-in-a-box and Communicating for Advocacy.

Mozilla Foundation: FLOSS Manuals has had support from Mozilla to promote our work at the Mozilla Festival and via their Drumbeat programme.

CiviCRM: FM is a home for CiviCRM documentation and has worked closely with the community, facilitating regular booksprints to keep their manuals up to date.

Libre Graphic Research Unit (LGRU) has invited us to several events to work in partnership in the areas of Free Software and graphic design.

Google: Google Sprint conferences have supported the creation many manuals incredibly rapidly. Recently, 3 manuals in 3 days.

Sugar Labs: we are a host for many Sugar Labs manuals and helped with book sprints to create manuals that were shipped with OLPC laptops.

Internews Europe: we have worked to create resources for Internews Europe around the areas of Bypassing Internet Censorship and citizen journalism.

xm:lab: we are helping with the creation of open educational resources around Open Video for ICT Hubs in Africa.

P2PU: working together to evaluate ways to deliver Open Badges for our open educational resources, the School of Open and on 'Course Sprints'.

Transmission Network: we worked in partnership with the Transmission network to create numerous manuals on open video applications.