Three Fantastic Manuals Celebrating Security

FLOSS Manuals has been working with Internews Europe as part of their Human Rights programme to create some user focused manuals to help communication. Recent security news has shown us that Free Software solutions are the best solutions for many situations. We have been very happy to draw on our past experience of creating and translating manuals to whip up three new manuals to help make the process of emailing, sharing photos and files more secure.

The manuals created are:

  • K9 Mail - Encrypt your email from your Android device.
  • ownCloud - Store, share and collaborate on documents on a web server that you control.
  • Obscuracam - Obscure, pixelate photos and videos before it leaves your Android device.

The work has been translated to Burmese (K9Obscuracam) and Farsi (K9Obscuracam).

We are very happy to expand our team of writers and translators during the course of this project. Wecoming Zahara, Erphan, Donna and Min to the process and happy to have Anna and Mick back.

We'll be blogging more about the process and the detail of the manuals soon but we wanted to get the work out there right away!

Screen Capture of sharing in ownbCloud