New Guide to Independent Video Hosting

Good news everyone! You don't have to use YouTube!

In partnership with the V4C (video for change) network FLOSS Manuals has created a "Guide to Independent Video Hosting". The guide focuses on approaches and tools to host, showcase and 'aggregate' video content. The guide will give different paths to groups that want to reduce their reliance on services like YouTube and Vimeo.

The guide has been produced in many languages and multiple formats.

Guide to Independent Video Hosting

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The guide has a focus on using online video for positive social change and has been commissioned as part of the Human Rights Connect project of Internews Europe

The intended audience is:

  1. citizen journalists, video activists and other producers looking to be more independent in their hosting solutions
  2. experienced website developers new to the area of video hosting
  3. anyone interested in learning about what is possible regarding video distribution on the Internet

One of the key approaches to the guide was to share some of the experience of working out how to choose which technology to use. The way an FLOSS solution works is often to pick a core system and then add additional contributed modules / plugins. This process can be very hard to navigate

The writers of this guide are Mick Fuzz, an active community member of the FLOSS Manuals project, and Anna Helme from EngageMedia. The writing is co-ordinated by the network.