BS4ICTRSRCH website launched

7 August 2013. The FLOSS Manuals Foundation and Adam Hyde are collaborating on a one year project funded by the European Comission. The project is titled: Book Sprints for ICT Research – Testing the practice of Book Sprints as a new paradigm of collaborative writing for ICT researchers and innovators. A Book Sprint is a collaborative process where a group of six to twelve people get together to produce a book in five days or less. Participants work intensively under the guidance of a facilitator to create high quality materials. This methodology was invented by Adam Hyde as he was seeking an efficient way to remedy a deficit of good free documentation about free software.

The objectives of the "BS4ICTRSRCH" program are to test the relevancy of a collaborative writing methodology in the composition of scientific papers and books in the field of ICT research and innovation, and to assess the benefits and shortcomings of this methodology in comparison with the traditional writing practices of the sector.